Tech SPAC has expertise in the technology domain and the markets it looks to cater to. However, identifying and then reaching suitable partners in our journey—including the right investors—requires us to step out of our comfort zone. It is the reason we have arranged an initial public offering (IPO) to connect with suitable investors and raise the required capital.


An IPO can be a very time-consuming process to get right. It can also be a high-risk, energy-draining activity for any company if investors do not have in-depth knowledge of the business and all the investment choices they have.

Tech SPAC solves this problem by providing investors resources to better understand the company and whom it serves. We look to bring the ideal investors within reach by using the art of communicating and negotiating outcomes with any investors having an interest in our vision.

We are ready to advance our technologies, associated tech firms, and our company by raising the maximum capital possible through an IPO!

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