Who we are

At Tech SPAC, we serve tech firms of all types and sizes. However, we have a special interest in helping tech businesses that are looking to grow or want to perform their IPO. We help them by providing the required financing and/or support. We also look to play our part in the advancement of the tech sector by acquiring and licensing new technologies.

Our Vision

Our vision is to help unique tech business startup concepts become outstanding innovations that set new standards in the industry. Our services are designed to help new market players quickly develop the capabilities they need to create products, deliver services, and gain customers.

Our Mission

Tech SPAC looks to support tech firms in keeping up with the technological disruption, enabling them to establish a unique brand identity, provide high-quality user experience across channels and optimize conversion.


Every action of Tech SPAC is guided by the following core values:
  • Enable digitization for the greater good
  • Support businesses achieve success through moral and financial support
  • Help introduce new technologies that become the industry benchmark


Tech SPAC helps the tech industry by providing the required financing, highly customized support, and advisory services. It allows businesses in the sector to focus on their core competency to serve their clients better.


Within fast-paced markets driven by the tech revolution, many companies are finding it hard to thrive. We solve this problem by helping tech companies select, implement, run, and expand the technology portfolio while ensuring compliance with data integrity and regulatory requirements.