We believe in the combinatorial approach to business. The same way combinatorial tech leverages existing and growing technologies in new innovative ways, we believe connecting the best companies in ways that will exponentially grow their impact. Through strategic integration and leveraging the operational and financing expertise of our team, we aim to rapidly accelerate company growth, deliver investor returns, and create lasting impact through our work.


Our time is the era of acceleration. New tech is changing the world exponentially. According to some predictions, 21st century technological progress will be 1,000x greater than what was achieved in the 20th century. We want to help the businesses and founders spearheading this change through access to new capital through acquisition and the public markets. We will use analysis of technical maturity and cross-industry applicability combined with adoption momentum to identify companies in the most disruptive sectors of the next decade.

TechSPAC will look for synergies in various companies in technology-intensive sectors and find the best ways to impact the companies while acquiring them. We strongly believe that the next sectors and acquired companies will bring geometric growth in results of research and solutions which will drive revenues and rapid customer base increases.


Tech SPAC helps the tech industry by providing the required financing, highly customized support, and advisory services. It allows businesses in the sector to focus on their core competency to serve their clients better.


Within fast-paced markets driven by the tech revolution, many companies are finding it hard to thrive. We solve this problem by helping tech companies select, implement, run, and expand the technology portfolio while ensuring compliance with data integrity and regulatory requirements.