Tech SPAC - Taking Technologies and Tech Firms to the Next Level

Tech SPAC recognizes that when used correctly and with the right intent, technology can be a very effective business enabler that provides a competitive edge. As such, the company looks to acquire and license new technologies as well as provide tech firms with the financing needed for their growth or for performing their IPO.

A one-stop Technology Solution

We believe in the combinatorial approach to business. The same way combinatorial tech leverages existing and growing technologies in new innovative ways, we believe connecting the best companies in ways that will exponentially grow their impact. Through strategic integration and leveraging the operational and financing expertise of our team, we aim to rapidly accelerate company growth, deliver investor returns, and create lasting impact through our work.


Our time is the era of acceleration. New tech is changing the world exponentially. According to some predictions, 21st century technological progress will be 1,000x greater than what was achieved in the 20th century. We want to help the businesses and founders spearheading this change through access to new capital through acquisition and the public markets. We will use analysis of technical maturity and cross-industry applicability combined with adoption momentum to identify companies in the most disruptive sectors of the next decade.

TechSPAC will look for synergies in various companies in technology-intensive sectors and find the best ways to impact the companies while acquiring them. We strongly believe that the next sectors and acquired companies will bring geometric growth in results of research and solutions which will drive revenues and rapid customer base increases.


Tech SPAC has a lot of experience assisting tech firms in increasing efficiencies, streamlining operations, and properly managing their technologies to expand their businesses. We have a knack for doing things right and collaborate in a transparent, succinct, no-nonsense way.

With patience, determination, drive, inclusion, concentration, and transformational strategies, we are committed to helping companies meet their business goals and requirements.


At Tech SPAC, we have a smart ecosystem of partners and vendor partners that we work with. As such, we can serve as a business’s one-stop-shop/single point of contact for all their technology needs, so they have one hand to hold, freeing them to concentrate on core business functions and activities.

We are dedicated to providing a great service and our goal is to delight our clients. At the very minimum, we are absolute in delivering upon expectation.

Tech Spac Key Industries For Engagement:

IT - Information Technology

  • cloud services, XaaS ( SaaS, PaaS, IaaS … )
  • cyber security in multi-cloud solutions, finance sectors
  • solutions for government agencies
    1. NASA
    2. Defense
    3. other ( homeland security )

Technology in Energy - scalable advanced nuclear/or other technology for the production of efficient and clean electricity

Predictions of the biggest consulting companies for the next decades is the rapid growth of the technology triggered and escalated also by:
  • current pandemic situation and challenges associated with it
  • future extreme demand for new energy
    • (extreme growth of electric cars, drones, aircraft)
    • multi – growth of usage energy in other sectors ( factories, 3D printing, cloud usage (servers), energy for waste destruction, etc
    • energy demand for new scientific research in Space (such as current NASA demand for the nuclear reactor for the Moon, to produce energy for scientific devices, which will power research on the Moon)


  • The massive use of cloud services require ultra-protection (banks, other financial institutions, online transactions, etc )
Cybersecurity needs for cloud coordination of future aviation navigation and Air Control systems.


  • capital markets tech that utilizes artificial intelligence, machine learning, and blockchain
  • InsurTech applying technology to better assess risk and optimize the insurance industry model
  • payments technologies to transform the payments landscape
  • regulatory technology that solve regulatory challenges and inefficiencies through automation
  • new personal wealth management technologies and services
  • AI in finance

Technology in AeroSpace and Aviation

  • new energy sources such as hydrogen power and electric
  • return of supersonic flights
  • advancements in avionics and automated flight controls
  • air cargo and drone delivery

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